Thank you for stopping by! I am Veronica Jackson! A photographer born and raised in Los Angeles California and now living life in the gorgeous city of Columbus Georgia. 


I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran, a wife, and mom to two girls (and four cats)!


I have a heartfelt passion for all things photography, natural light, cats (sorry dog lovers), COFFEE, food, honest human beings, and beautiful environments.


I've been chasing my photography dreams since I was a little girl when my mom handed me a Polaroid camera and told me to capture the world as I see it! 



Alfred Eisenstaedt

I specialize in organic and timeless wedding and portrait photography. I am incredibly passionate about taking the time to get to know you on a personal level and build that trusting relationship so I can document and create your milestones exactly the way you've envisioned.


I love keeping things simple and relaxed in my life and during events and sessions as I find it always produces the best effortless results with the least amount of stress!


I pride myself on making you comfortable as to allow you to focus on enjoying your special moments while I do my photography magic. 


Whether grand or small, I always bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job and it is my top priority to make sure your happiness is captured through the click of my camera!  

I’m a wedding photographer, and I love it. I began my career shooting family portraits and realized quickly I truly enjoyed the connection I made with my clients as they allowed me into their lives if even just for an hour.

When I started shooting couples and weddings, I knew that was my true calling as the connection formed here was at a much deeper level because you allow me into your live's at such a vulnerable time and that is such an honor. 

Let's CONNECT and make some photographic HISTORY! 


When I'm not shooting weddings or portraits you can find me on outdoor adventures with my husband and two kids, Sophia and Ellie.

As you can see, we still don't have out act together when it comes to family photos and that's absolutely great because it's all about the moment and us being able to reflect on how perfectly imperfect it was!


We love to travel and enjoy new experiences as a family. Every trip we take must include music by The Beatles and multiple Starbucks stops! ​


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